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Motivated Sellers want this house to be yours

Cute as a button three bedroom, bath and a half split level with hardwood floors, large eat-in kitchen, two car garage, deep lot, 12×12 shelved shed, patio, walking distance to schools, park and shopping (location, location, location!). Same size lot to the west is open and won’t be built upon. Own this home for far less than you’d rent it at current rates/price! Highly motivated seller!

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Morris Press Release

by Jim Ludes on March 16, 2012

in Friday Fun

Kinda a self serving promo here, but it’s always fun to have a big write up in the newspaper, right? The Morris Daily Herald had a press release from RE/MAX Top Properties about me yesterday.


Why a Home Inspector?

by Jim Ludes on February 3, 2012

in Buyers

Got the following email last night. It has been altered only to protect the innocent (or guilty- jury’s still out).

Unfortunately, in the past (Home inspector) & (Seller) had a difference of opinion/disagreement when it came to an inspection (home inspector) had completed in one of (seller’s) past properties.  So from that point forward (Seller) chose to no longer allow (home inspector) to inspect his properties. So we ask that (Buyers) please find a different inspector to inspect the property.
I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause your clients or (Home inspector).  I thank you kindly in advance for you understanding!
(Agent of seller)

Wow. Just wow. If a seller is so frightened of the house he/she/they is selling, what should one do?

What would you do in this instance if you were my buyer?


Avid readers here know I love baseball. They know that I’ll try to make the ocassional parrallel between it and real estate. Today’s blog is no exception. Who is Johnny Damon? He’s, of course, a baseball player. He’s an outfielder, a career .286 hitter,  and a guy who will probably end his career as a possible hall of famer (borderline, maybe- but that debate for another day and forum).

Why do I feel like the Grundy County real estate version of him? Mr. Damon came to mind as a guy who went from a really good team to

Am I Grundy County real estate's version of Johnny Damon?

the best team at age 32, like me. Damon was a member of the Boston Red Sox and helped break the ‘Curse of the Bambino’ in 2004, helping his team win the World Series. The Red Sox are widely considered baseball’s “next-best” organization; second only to the New York Yankees.  Of course, at age 32, Damon left Boston for his fourth team, the Yankees.

Recently, I left my real estate career’s third team in favor of Grundy County’s #1 home seller, RE/MAX Top Properties. Leaving the team that’s a close second in that market for the team that is #1 reminded me of Johnny and the move he made at the same age. I’m not sure if there’s a real estate hall of fame anywhere that I may one day qualify for, but I do think that my recent move helps me as an agent, and far more importantly, give you, my buyers and sellers significantly better chances of success!


I’m very excited to announce that today I joined Grundy County’s #1 real estate office, RE/MAX Top Properties!

I am humbled by how much this team wanted me to join theirs and very much looking forward to being able to even better satisfy the needs of my buyers and sellers. Give me a little leeway on the blog here as I get it modified and myself settled into my new office!

This (and cupcakes) welcomed me to my 2nd round interview this morning