Market Snapshot

Will County put almost 22% more houses under contract this June than last! 5% fewer homes were listed, leading to a decrease of actual inventory available of almost 30%

While almost 22% more houses were contracted, over 15% more closed than a year ago. Closings for the rolling year are up nearly 11%!

Market time has increased by almost two weeks on median but sold prices have too!


June 2015 was a booming month in homes placed under contract, up more than 34% from this same month a year ago. New listings, however, were down by more than 18%. This helps contribute to their being almost 52% less inventory for potential home buyers.

For houses sold and closed, the median value is up almost 6% for the rolling year (June 2014 to 2015 compared to the previous 12 months), the market time is slightly less to get under said contract and the month’s supply has dropped by almost a full month!

It’s becoming a better and better time to be a seller in Grundy County.


The Will County housing market continues to thrive, like the Grundy County market. More houses are selling and fewer are available- thus rising prices. Surprisingly, the median market time has jumped up by 11 days. I suspect this is because home buyers are having a harder time finding a house that they are in love with. The most desirable houses go quickly and others take a touch longer with buyers waiting for gems to hit the market.


The Grundy County housing market continues to thrive. Prices are rising, more houses are selling, and inventory and market times are falling.


Like yesterday’s post about single family housing statistics in Will County, today I give you the numbers for Grundy County in August of 2014. Of significance to me is, like in Will County, the reduction of months supply and median market time. This signals an evening out in what has been a buyer’s market for, seemingly, forever. The total true inventory is also down 23%. That is good and bad. It’s generally great for price and demand but it could very well mean that buyers cannot find a house suitable to their needs/desires.


We’re into September and a few days later than I’d like to usually send these numbers your way, so I apologize. Of significance, in my opinion, is that Will County put better than 21% more houses under contract this August than last. That could be because of the bad winter that slowed the start of 2014′s real estate ‘hot market.’ Further good signs, however, are that in the year leading up to August, we have seen an increase in closed properties of over 7%.

The median market time has fallen by almost two weeks (27.91%) from a year ago and the months of supply is now in the low fives! Will County is a hot market.


Will County Market Snapshot

July 10, 2014

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October 26, 2013

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