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Yesterday, my facebook fans were posed a question about which “green” house was their favorite in a recent MSN real estate article. I’d love if you let me know the same. Do you know of any “Green” homes in Will or Grundy County? In searching the MLS for green features, I can’t find any house available in our counties with more than one.

When do you think the “green bug” will start to catch on here?


Energy Star Tax Credits

by Jim Ludes on November 30, 2010

in General

If you purchase an energy-efficient product or renewable energy system for your home, you may be eligible for a federal tax credit (30% of cost….up to $1,500). Following this link will find you an overview of the federal tax credits for energy efficiency.

Please note, not all ENERGY STAR qualified products qualify for a tax credit. ENERGY STAR distinguishes energy efficient products which, although they may cost more to purchase than standard models, will pay you back in lower energy bills within a reasonable amount of time, without a tax credit.