How long does it take to sell a 4 (or 4+) bedroom house in Coal City, Diamond, Carbon Hill? Not as long as it used to!


I’ve been spending a lot of time in Diamond Estates this week. Many homes, damaged in last year’s tornado, are fixed with homeowners back in place- some bigger and better than ever before. Others are works in progress. Because it’s how my brain works, I wanted to put a number on the subdivisions’ recovery- or lack thereof. In the below chart you will see the numbers for a year leading up to the tornado and the year since. I’m pleased to report that while we’re a sale off, the median price is up a percent and the average time it takes to put said houses under contract is down 9 days (or about 31% depending which angle sounds better to you). This shows that these two subdivisions are as strong, or stronger, than previously. I’d expect nothing less from this #CoalerStrong community.


Piggybacking off yesterday’s price per square feet post (and subsequent statistics for Braidwood), I thought we’d take a #Staturday look at the same thing in Coal City.

In the last year of Coal City single family homes, the average price per (reported*) square foot was $91.96 with a median of $93.10.

*Please note- of the 90 such houses to close, 19 (21%) failed to report the home’s square footage on the listing.


Someone at the office asked me to show them what single family housing has done each month this year. If I can show co-workers, why would I keep it from my loyal readers?

Of course, in a small sample size like this, the numbers are going to jump around. But knowledge is power, and knowing is half the battle, right?


I just closed on a house on Pheasant Lane in Coal City that made my seller a good amount of money on a property she owned for 21 months. Here’s what the inventory is looking like for single family homes 3 bedroom and more in Coal City/ Diamond.

In the past 12 months…..

  • 3 bedroom houses are down 22.2%
  • 4+ bedroom houses are down 19.4%
  • ALL bedrooms are down 19.6%

The buyers market is evaporating!


In the last year, Coal Cit/Diamond/Carbon Hill sales are up 35.3% That’s great news…..we’re selling more properties!


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