Jim, the REALTOR

I started in real estate in the summer of 2003. I got in as a way to supplement my income as a month earlier I became a stay-at-home dad. It didn’t take too long for me to realize that real estate was a) very hard, b) a lot harder with an infant and c) a year later, even MORE difficult with a second infant and a, then, 1-year old. 13 years of multi-million dollar production behind me, since, I feel like I’ve really honed my craft. I’m huge on a few different things and I think it puts me at the cutting edge of Will and Grundy County Internet marketing/ social media savvy; great pictures plastered everywhere, constant exposure online and great pricing! I work well with those who like lots of information fast and like to see their home all over the web. I represent sellers and buyers in and around Will and Grundy County, Illinois but I will definitely travel outside of those boundaries. I’ll list a home and help a buyer find one whenever I think I’ll do the job best for that client. If ever someone would like my services in an area that I don’t feel I could represent him/her to the standard I hold myself to locally, I’ll refer that client to a REALTOR I trust to do the job like I would.

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