Why Didn’t My Home Sell?

There’s a number of potential reasons why a home does not sell. In my time in real estate, I’ve narrowed down everything it takes to sell a house into 3 main points.

  1. Price
  2. Marketing
  3. Presentation

If the price of your home is not right, nothing else is going to help it. I’ve heard it said that “price solves everything” and it’s true. You need a REALTOR that knows the market, knows the trends, and knows how to price homes competitively. You need to price your home either to sell or own. Hint: ask the agent you’re interviewing (me or otherwise) about the absorption rate. YOU don’t have to know what it is…..but he/she/they should. And if not, you might want to schedule more interviews.

The marketing of your home is vital as well. You cannot market a home by kicking a sign in the yard and hoping someone sells it for you or a perfect buyer will happen to drive by and call. Almost 90% of buyers are finding their home online and that’s where a healthy majority of my advertising energy is focused. “Go where the buyers are,” I say.

The final piece of your incomplete puzzle is the home’s presentation. To me this means its curb appeal, look in advertising photographs and how it shows when people see it. Most simply put, if your home doesn’t entice people to see it (curb appeal and photos) or make them want it when they’re inside, price is going to be affected.

To get more details and tips on how to put these three things together to get your home sold, call a good real estate broker today. (For the record, I think Jim Ludes IS a good real estate broker.)

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