An Open Letter to Zillow and Trulia

by Jim Ludes on February 27, 2015

in Friday Fun

Dear Zillow and Trulia,

Congratulations on your recently FTC approved merger. I truly wish you well in your endeavor. But here’s the thing…. I’m going to need you to stop calling me everyday trying to sell me space on your website, okay? No, for real. Here’s why….

Those “leads” you call 3 or 4 times a week trying to make me pay for are people; just people who are interested in local real estate. Furthermore, they are people who are potentially interested in a house I ALREADY HAVE LISTED. I shouldn’t have to pay you for giving me what is already mine. I liken this to when I go grocery shopping. I can go buy all the groceries I want and bring them into my house and put them away. On the off chance my wife cooks dinner, she doesn’t serve up the meal then leave me the check for $17.99 (plus tip). That would be absurd, right? Well, that’s how I feel every time you call or spam email me asking me to pay you for space on your sites. There are plenty of agents out there that will gladly throw away hard earned commissions (or their spouses income) on advertising with you. Do yourself a favor and just nurture those relationships.

While you’re at it….. could you do something about those Zestimates? They’re a real joy for all of us professionals to constantly correct in the minds of buyers and sellers.

Have a great weekend.


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