Grundy County Hot Stats: September 2014

by Jim Ludes on October 13, 2014

in Grundy County Happenings,Statistics

It’s hard to imagine 2014 is already three quarters in the books, but it is. Here’s how the year is stacking up in vital real estate statistic form.

Grundy County closed one fewer house this September than last. That means the market here is virtually identical in terms of units moved. Year over year, we’ve decreased by only half a dozen houses. The median value of those houses, however, is up almost 15%. That doesn’t mean that each house is worth 15% more than last year necessarily, but that the mix of houses is a little higher priced (although it doesn’t NOT indicate an uptick in house value’s either).

The decrease in market time and months supply of houses is encouraging for sellers. Fewer homes available creates a larger demand for the houses available, I once heard in an economics class.

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