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by Jim Ludes on June 25, 2014

in Grundy County Happenings,Statistics,Will County Happenings

Yesterday on my Facebook page (which you should be a fan of), I shared IAR’s (Illinois Association of REALTORS) infographic of changes from May2013 to May 2014. It’s the one on the right. The data that you would have taken from it (or still can if you hurry before reading on) is that home sales, statewide, are down. So is inventory and the month’s supply of homes available but the median prices are up. This is mostly good news. This means that the market is further evening out. But is the entire state reflective of Will and Grundy County- where I do most of my business (and most of my readers come from)?

Sorta, but not really. How’s that for an eloquent, professional answer to a question? Sales in BOTH Grundy and Will are actually not down near 9.4% They’re actually both up! Our inventory has dropped further and our months supply (as you might guess) has dropped a LOT more. That’s all pretty fabulous news. Our median price is up, but not as much as it is statewide. Check out my graphic below to see a comparison of the three (state, and each county).

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