Will County Happenings

How long to go under contract in Will County?

April 25, 2014

Yesterday we looked at how long single family homes in Grundy County are taking to go from just listed to under contract. Today, to be fair, let’s peek at Will County. We see that the county as a whole is going at a mere 32 days median time before being put under contract. Three selected [...]

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What’s Out There?

March 21, 2014

The spring market is heating up. People are looking at listings, people are calling to get their house on the market. A big question right now is, “what’s out there?” Well, here’s what’s happening in Grundy and Will County. You’ll see in the last year, the month’s supply of homes is rapidly free-falling. Grundy County [...]

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Will County Single Family Homes Available

January 14, 2014

Yesterday we saw the Will County types of home available and I made mention (yet again) that real estate is local. The numbers indicated there were county wide. Here, we’ll look at four municipalities within Will Co. These are the amount of single family detached homes available.

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Will County Resale

January 13, 2014

Will County has homes for sale. Lots. Taking a look at the non-new construction homes available (resales, or existing homes), this is the breakdown we see. Of 3,502 properties available,  60.37% are traditional sales, 12.99% are foreclosures and 26.64% are short sales.  That means about 60% (or 3 out of every 5 properties) of the [...]

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Distressed Property Months’ Supply

January 10, 2014

Distressed properties are foreclosures and short sales. Yesterday we looked at a national chart compared to local data. We’ll do it again today and again the numbers will show Will County is consistent with the graph, but Grundy is not. Months supply is an indicator of how many properties are available compared to the rate [...]

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Market Time

January 9, 2014

Often we will see reports on the news in regards to real estate; national numbers, state statistics, etc. How often do these numbers actively represent the subdivision, town/city or even county in which our home is? I try to tell people frequently, “real estate is local.” Sometimes they listen. Other times they do not. Who [...]

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Median Sales Price

December 21, 2013

Where are the median sales prices in Grundy and Will County over the last 12 months? Check them out below. Questions? Ask away!

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Months Supply of Homes for Sale

December 20, 2013

How many homes for sale is a fairly reliable indicator of market conditions. A 6 month supply is seen as the level market. Fewer than 6 months indicates a seller’s market (as people are buying up houses). More than 6 months indicates a buyer’s market (as, you guessed it, people are not buying them up).

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How High Can I Price?

September 9, 2013

Question: What is the highest we could price the house with the hope to sell it quickly? Answer: My general rule of thumb is no more than 4% above it’s fair market price. Sometimes people get away with having their house priced high and someone making what amounts to a low ball offer on it [...]

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March 10, 2012

Happy Staturday. Who wants to know what is available in Lockport? (Probably people that are selling or looking to buy in Lockport.) If you’d like a take home copy of what’s going on in Lockport, click on the housing type header and viola, it’s yours! Single Family Homes: 183 Active homes Average Market Time: 224 [...]

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