Grundy County Happenings

Price per square foot, Coal City

September 6, 2014

Piggybacking off yesterday’s price per square feet post (and subsequent statistics for Braidwood), I thought we’d take a #Staturday look at the same thing in Coal City. In the last year of Coal City single family homes, the average price per (reported*) square foot was $91.96 with a median of $93.10. *Please note- of the [...]

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% of Original List Price to Days on Market

August 26, 2014

I preach this stuff a lot. Eventually though, everyone will listen. Pricing is important. Here is a chart of the last 12 months of sales in Grundy County (single family) and the relationship between days on the market and percent of original list price obtained. Notice the obvious downward linear trend! What happens if we [...]

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Grundy County July Report

August 2, 2014

Yesterday you saw the Will County July report. How does Grundy County stack up? Short answer: not as well; Will County is a ridiculously hot market. Longer answer: not too shabby; inventories and market times are down…..which means an evening of the market.

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Coal City/ Diamond/ Carbon Hill YTD

July 15, 2014

Someone at the office asked me to show them what single family housing has done each month this year. If I can show co-workers, why would I keep it from my loyal readers? Of course, in a small sample size like this, the numbers are going to jump around. But knowledge is power, and knowing [...]

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Grundy County Market Snapshot

July 8, 2014

June is complete and that means it is time to scope out what is happening in Grundy County real estate. You can check the chart for almost anythingyou want to know (and if you don’t see it there, you can feel free to drop me a line and ask me any specific question you might [...]

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Reporting Local Sales Data

June 25, 2014

Yesterday on my Facebook page (which you should be a fan of), I shared IAR’s (Illinois Association of REALTORS) infographic of changes from May2013 to May 2014. It’s the one on the right. The data that you would have taken from it (or still can if you hurry before reading on) is that home sales, [...]

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Coal City Diamond 3+ Bedroom Months Supply

June 12, 2014

I just closed on a house on Pheasant Lane in Coal City that made my seller a good amount of money on a property she owned for 21 months. Here’s what the inventory is looking like for single family homes 3 bedroom and more in Coal City/ Diamond. In the past 12 months….. 3 bedroom [...]

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MARKET’S HOT!!! (Or is it)

May 29, 2014

I hear and see this, frequently, on Facebook from my agent friends in the area! “This market is RED HOT, ya all, better jump on it!*” [Very few, if any, actually say ya all.] The stat nerd in me needs to quench that thirst and see if this is nonsensical jibber jabber made to make [...]

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In town brokerage

May 22, 2014

Someone asked me the other day what the percentages were in Morris, IL of folks who listed their home for sale WITH a brokerage located in Morris as opposed to those who listed with an out-of-town brokerage. Here you go: In Morris, IL in the last 12 months (from 5.20.14), 67.2% of listings (single family [...]

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Cash is King. But is it here?

May 15, 2014

I was reading this article on 11 markets where cash is king (making up better than 50% of sales). I wondered how that stacks up with homes in Grundy County (as Detroit was the closest area to us). The results are below: I think this shows that you can pretty well bank on a quarter [...]

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